Jan Dizard lectures on hunting culture

Jan Dizard cropped

In April 2015, the American Studies Program had the good fortune of welcoming Dr. Jan E. Dizard for a series of lectures and discussions on the subject of sport hunting in America. Dr. Dizard is both a dedicated hunter and the Charles Hamilton Houston Professor in American Culture at Amherst College in Massachusetts, where he brings a sociological perspective to his scholarship on mass culture and environment.

Dr. Dizard’s presentation before a large audience in the Classroom Building focused on the challenges posed to contemporary hunting – both within, by militarization of weapons and the monolithic power of the gun lobby, and without, by animal rights activists and the anti-gun movement. His comments served as a launching point for debate at a later hunting symposium, hosted by faculty member John Dorst, and paneled by faculty members Frieda Knobloch and Andrea Graham, as well as graduate students Susan Clements and Maxine Vande Vaarst. Dr. Dizard was also kind enough to meet with students for sandwiches and good conversation at the Cooper House. The program would like to extend its thanks to John Dorst for his role in bringing Dr. Dizard to campus.