The Cooper House Ghost Bike


It seems the Cooper House has inherited a bike. It is a gray Schwinn hybrid commuter bike with a flat tire. The bike has been locked to the bike rack since…at least fall of 2014, but sources say the bike predates even that. When AMST students were queried about this bike, and its story, the following was¬†speculated:

“I’ve never seen that thing move. Considered taking a pair of bulk cutters to the lock–it’s not a bad bike!”

“I heard it only leaves at night when Mr. Cooper scouts the town.”

“Does that bike have a spirit atlas?”

“I name it the Coop Scoot.”

“Next year we should use this bike for an object of inquiry in the 5500/5510 theory unit.”

Students were also concerned the bike might be confiscated by the UW authorities. A notice was attached to the bike in the summer of 2015, but as of October 23, 2015, the bike remains, its mystery only deepening. The Porchlight wonders where else these ghost bikes exist, and whether there is, indeed, a connection to Mr. Cooper. One thing is for sure, only American Studies would take notice of this bike, see it in a larger pattern, and wonder such fanciful things.