2015 Student Internships


For the summer of 2015, five American Studies students were awarded paid internships with host organizations across the nation. Lucas Anderson (B.A. candidate) interned with the Alliance for Historic Wyoming, revamping the non-profit organization’s website and adding numerous new features, such as detailing its More Than Mortar program. Chuck Adams (M.A. candidate) was the field intern for HistoriCorps (pictured above), assisting volunteer crews in rehabilitating historic cabins and ranches in Colorado, one of which was featured in The New York Times and on NBC Nightly News. Kyle Byron (M.A. candidate) spent the summer working with folklorist Andrea Graham, digitizing information related to hunting and fishing traditions in Wyoming, as well as assisting in preliminary research exploring the use of communities halls in southeastern Wyoming. Maxine Vandevaarst (M.A. candidate) interned with the Down Jersey Folklife Program in Millville, New Jersey, where she sought out folk artists from a diverse range of genres and backgrounds for participation in an upcoming Caribbean arts festival. Evan Townsend (M.A. candidate) turned his spring GA into a Education Supervisor and Special Projects Intern for the Wyoming Conservation Corps, a non-profit housed in the University of Wyoming focused on connecting young adults to hands-on conservation projects. During the upcoming winter break, Madison Williams (B.A. candidate) will be interning at a farm in Hawaii.


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